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Colorado Highway by Drew Shively

Is Colorado Traffic Driving You Nuts? You Might Be Driving Wrong.

With Colorado’s population continuing to grow at a rapid rate, and with traffic volume outpacing infrastructure improvements, roadways throughout the state are becoming more and more crowded. Congested highways and surface streets used to be a mere “rush hour” annoyance, but Colorado’s roadways now seem to be congested no matter what time of day it is.

Whether driving to the ski slopes or the office, with increased congestion comes escalating tension and frustration, particularly with behavior of other drivers. We’re convinced that they’re “doing it wrong” – but are they? A review of Colorado’s traffic guidelines provides some insights into how to handle certain driving situations, and the answers may surprise you.

The Left Lane is Only for Passing (Unless Traffic is Too Congested to Merge Right)

We see them all the time – the slowpokes who seem to be just hanging out in the highway’s left lane, and who refuse to move over for the traffic stacking up behind them.… » Read the full post

Mechanic's Liens in Colorado

Understanding Mechanics’ Liens in Colorado: How to Use Them to Protect Your Interests

Perhaps you’re a contractor in Colorado who has completed some work at a client’s home, but you haven’t been paid for your services. Or maybe you’ve hired a contractor to make repairs at your home, but the repairs were either not made according to building codes or they were left unfinished. Or perhaps you hired a contractor and it failed to pay its subcontractors, who are now looking to you, the property owner, for payment. Whatever the situation, it’s important to understand what mechanics’ liens are and how they operate in Colorado.

A mechanics’ lien is a method created by statute that permits a person who has conveyed labor, materials or services to secure an interest in another’s property to encourage and enforce payment.… » Read the full post