About Us

In early 2016, Josh Proctor and Jesse Brant founded Proctor Brant, P.C. The two attorneys were driven by one core idea: that they could continue to practice law at a high level, but in a more entrepreneurial and client-focused way.

This means that Proctor Brant clients get the best of both worlds: Experienced lawyers focused on providing their clients with outstanding legal services combined with efficiency and a personal touch that’s often missing in large firms.

Most of Proctor Brant’s clients are not involved in a legal dispute or litigation by choice. It’s often a last resort and the goal of the firm’s attorneys is to guide their clients through the process in such a way as to minimize disruptions and allow them to do what they do best: run their businesses and live their lives.

That said, it’s important to make clear that if a legal fight is necessary, the attorneys at Proctor Brant are willing and prepared to take the case to trial.

At Proctor Brant, they understand that litigation is expensive, both in terms of legal fees and the opportunity costs incurred by taking your time away from what is most important to you. Proctor Brant’s goal is always to reach the best attainable outcome in the way that maximizes value to each of their clients.

Integrity and professionalism are core values of the practice. The Proctor Brant team believes in clarity, open lines of communication and a thoughtful approach to whatever issues their clients may be facing. The law can be confusing, threatening and frustrating, and Proctor Brant attorneys make sure to help their clients understand it, navigate it, and obtain the very best possible outcome.